Secure Drive Wiping

A WhiteCanyon Certified Partner with In-Depth Data Center Expertise.

WhiteCanyon recognizes IT Recovery Specialists as a partner for in-depth expertise and excellence in implementing and managing Data Center decommissions. IT Recovery Specialists has verified and dedicated WhiteCanyon Consultants, averaging more than 10 years of experience in all WipeDrive solutions.

IT Recovery Specialists works in the largest date centers in the world for multiple Fortune 50 customers. They combine an absolute best in class return value with the most secure data security processes powered by WipeDrive.

For nearly 20 years IT Asset Recovery has been a leading global provider of end of life data center services. Working with the largest Fortune 50 companies to more specialized regional data centers Our operating philosophy has been simple - A smarter process with a focus on security keeps costs down and we pass the savings on to our partners.

The security of data at every step of the decommission process is our top priority. Our process is built around the DoD and NSA certified erasure WipeDrive. All erasure is performed on site before any assets leave your physical location and are wiped a second time once they reach our locations. All processes are documented with a certified erasure report listing all hardware information and process details, these reports are presented before any assets leave your control.

Due to our large supplier base and tremendous market power, combined with our never-ending quest for efficiency we can achieve world-class turnaround times. The result is the best possible prices for your data center assets.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like a free assessment of what IT Recovery can do for you.

ITRS Sales Dept